Reset Specialist FAQ

1) How do I become a Certified Reset Specialist?
To become a Certified Reset Specialist, you will need to complete the following in order:

  1. Reset Specialist Certification Workshop at The Reset Agency HQ
  2. Sign Affiliate License Agreement with The Reset Agency
  3. Fulfill minimum annual requirements


2) As a Reset Specialist, what are my annual requirements?


3) What are the benefits of Reset Affiliate Licensing Agreement with The Reset Agency?


4) What is the cost of a Reset Affiliate Licensing Agreement?
As of 1 January 2012, affiliation costs $948.00 annually. ($79 per month). You will have the option to renew every year on the anniversary of your certification.

5) Who bills the client?
Affiliates are responsible for billing clients. If accounting is not in place. For an additional fee. We have accounting services available if you need them.

6) A fee increase? What about existing affiliates' fees?
Affiliate fees are always held level. Your renewal fee will always be the same as the fee you paid initially, no matter how the fees change in the future.

7) Do I need to be Reset Trained?
Potential affiliates must go through I-Reset before being certified as a Reset Specialist and accepted as an affiliate.

8) Do I need a website?
Once you are accepted as an affiliate, you will need to have a live website before we will be able to link you on the The Reset Agency site. You will have a bio and picture on the Reset Agency This is our primary vehicle for promoting you; therefore, we expect you maintain a good site. Please DO NOT register a domain with the The Reset Agency name in it until AFTER you have been accepted; The Reset Agency is a licensed trademark and its use without our prior permission is illegal.

9) Is a Blog considered a website?

10) What are the requirements for an affiliate website?
You must have a link to The Reset Agency website on your home page, unaltered.

11) If I purchased a URL does this mean I own that name?
You may own the domain, but the use of "The Reset Agency" in your domain is unlicensed and illegal, and we can legally force you to give it up. The Reset Agency Inc only acknowledges the URL of the name that you have licensed from us. If you own a URL containing a The Reset Agency name for which you have not been granted a license, it is useless to you. We seriously frown on folks "land grabbing" more names than the the one associated with their specific affiliate and doing so may affect your acceptance into our program.

12) What does The Reset Agency recommend for site format?
We recommend frequently (i.e., daily) updated content in a blog format that features clients, educates, and has personality. Document your group's efforts and milestones with photos and videos and plaster the web with them. Make stars of your best and hardest workers. Build your program's legacy from day one.

13) What is the recommended equipment for starting out?
A vision for your life, and a passion for helping others achieve theirs.

14) If I become an affiliate, does this mean I can certify people to be The Reset Brand Specialists?
No. Only The Reset Agency HQ can certify people. The only way to obtain a The Reset Agency certification is to come to one of our Reset Certification workshops.

15) Can there be more than one affiliate in one town, city, state, neighborhood?
Yes. We do not limit the number of affiliates in any given area. Almost any town or city has enough people to support numerous prospects. We think of our business as the training business, which is relationship based. Lower volume, higher quality, higher margin. It is our belief that the more affiliates there are in one area, the more public awareness there will be of The Reset Agency and the better it is for everyone. In the best examples of this we have seen affiliates work together, pooling resources, ideas, and outreach capabilities, to increase traffic (and fun) for all involved.

16) How do I market my business?
Think quality, excellence, caring. So far the very best marketing strategy we have seen is to be the best Reset Specialists you can be. Care about the progress of your clients and give them the best coaching and information possible. Our most successful affiliates find caring genuinely for one client at a time and word of mouth to be the most powerful marketing tools.

17) What material from The Reset can I use on promotional items like t-shirts, my store front, my website, etc.? How can I use the name?
You can link to anything on the main The Reset Agency site, but you CANNOT download our material and host it on your own site (e.g., videos, workbook, etc).
You can use any material freely available on the site with proper attribution. You may not distribute any content from the The Reset Agency that is not already publicly available from The Reset Agency or elsewhere on the site.

At this point, you cannot sell our t-shirts, but you are encouraged to create your own t-shirts featuring your affiliate name and creative slogans. Logos and/or slogans associated with The Reset Agency HQ or The Reset may not be used without prior permission from HQ.

As an affiliate, you can and should say that you use The Reset Agency methods, and that you're part of the extended The Reset Agency family, but you may not represent yourself directly or indirectly as a representative of The Reset, The Reset Agency HQ, or The Reset Agency, Inc.

18) If I do not want to affiliate but I am a certified The Reset Agency trainer, how can I use the name legally?
You can call yourself a Certified Reset Specialists.
You can state that you are "The Reset Agency-certified" on your website and business cards.
You cannot use the The Reset Agency name, slogans, art work, photos, or content from the The Reset Agency in any other business or promotional way unless you affiliate.

Only affiliation gives you the legal right to use the The Reset Agency name for business and/or promotional purposes.

19) How should I select a name
Local names work best--i.e., The Reset Agency Santa Cruz as opposed to The Reset Agency California.

20) Can I set my own rates?
Yes. but not for the Reset Experience.

21) What should I charge?
There is no set amount you need to charge. But remember you are offering a professional service and it deserves a professional rate. Take some time looking at other Affiliate websites to get a sense of how much folks are charging. The Reset Agency HQ can and will help you set your rates if you so desire

22) Do I need insurance?
Yes, in order to complete your application for affiliation you must fax us proof of insurance. You will need liability insurance and you will need to name The Reset Agency, Inc., as an additional insured.

23) If I want to train people not for profit do I still have to affiliate?
Yes. By affiliating you are licensing the The Reset Agency name and making it legal to use that name; whether you make money from your endeavors or not you still have to affiliate.

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